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Bay Snapper Fishing Redcliffe Peninsula

Article By  Mark Stringer   ( Created on 16th of December 2011 )

All year round good sized snapper can be caught from Scotts Point to Scarborough reef. Even though minimum size is 35cm, try to make size limit over 40cm.

Hooks, Lines and Sinkers

20Ib to 30Ib mono line

40 chemical sharpened 30 gauge

0-3 ball


Everybody has their pwn prefernce of bait. I always take 3 types of bait; 2 whole mullet and a small bag of pilchards and some banana prawns (not imported due to too many chemicals in them).

Foreshore snapper fishing is very basic, you just have to be out there at the right time. Don't worry tooo much what the tide is doing, you should be fishing flat rubble ground off and around many points, bays and reefs on the foreshore. Always cast with the tide and straight out the back of the boat, you might need some led fishing off the points. Try to keep your rods lying low with your drag set loose, snapper usually hit without warning, you dont want your rod pulled off the boat. You will be surprised how fast snapper can be in shallow water.

Mid-May to July.

Morning Fishing.

Be anchored up to two hours before daylight, back achor if you have to. Get your burly started immediately. Try to be very quiet, dont shine any light on the wtaer, snapper spook very easily in clear, shallow water. When the sun is just starting to come up make sure to rebait if needed. You probably wont get too many bites once the sun is above Moreton Island.

Afternoon Fishing

Be anchored up to two hours before sunset and get your burly started straight away. Back anchor if you have to when the sun is starting to drop and make sure you rebait if need be. Usually keep fishing until complete darkness.

August to January

Morning fishing is usually the go - constant north easterly winds early everyday.

Febuary to May

You will probably get a few opportunities to afternoon fish.


Make sure your burly is very fine, you dont want the snappr filling up on your burly. Soaked chook pellets work well.


Always be on time and dont shine the light over the water.

Use fresh bait

Be very quiet

Use 2 hooks when using banana prawns

Pick where you are going to fish and stay there

I have lived and fished on the peninsula all my life, over the year I have witnessed and cuaght many good sized snapper. About 15 years ago I caught one 14.2 kgs while fishing with my brother Peter. If you catch one good sized snapper that should be enought, you dont need to catch your bag limit. Dont hesitate to drop in and talk to Popie at Rod Craft, Jay Street Scarborough. While you're there check out some of the pictures in his display - they're very impressive.

Mark Stringer R.C.A.A


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