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Moreton Island Accomodation

Article By  Meade Murphy   ( Created on 8th of December 2011 )

Most of Brisbane residence are not aware but one of the greatest sand islands in the world also has the most affordable accommodation.

The average club house rental is $25.00 for an adult and $15.00 for a child per night. The good news is that there are no peak and off peak rental charges - just a flat rate all year round. Most clubs do not take bookings more than six months in advance. All clubhouses are eco-friendly using solar power and water tanks. They all have showers, toilets, cooking facilities and refrigerators/ freezers. They all have 4WD parking and fish cleaning facilities.

Redcliffe City Club House

R.C.A.A has the largest facility on Moreton Island. The main unit sleeps 20 and has 2 bathrooms, two fridges and one freezer. Unit Two has sleeps 8 with one bathroom and one fridge/freezer. Unit #3 sleeps 16 and is available for general bookings. Rental is $30.00pn pp and school age children $15.00pn.. All three units are situated on the Strand at Bulwer. Adult non-members at $25 a night and child non-members a $15 a night.

Please note: bring your own linen.

For rental inquiries phone Darryn Bowden on 0432 340 624 or preferably please visit the RCAA Website (www.rcaa.com.au) for more information, unit availability and where you can submit a booking online.

Virginia-Nundah Club House

V.N.F.C is also situated on the Strand at Bulwer. The main Club House sleeps 16 and has all the facilities needed. The back unit sleeps six and is fully functional. Both are available to only members, their families and their guests. To become a member you must first fish four trips with them.

For inquiries phone Jimmy M on (07) 3269 8559.

Waterside Club House

Waterside Club House is also situated on the Strand at Bulwer. This club house has three bedrooms and sleeps a total of 12 people. Has fridge/freezer, gas stove, gas BBQ and is solar powered. This club also boasts wheelchair facilities on top of all facilities. Like R.C.A.A unit 1 and 2 are available to the general public for rental.  

For inquiries phone Tony Hooper (07) 3268 1776 or 0418 876 763

Unity Fishing Club House

Unity Fishing Club is located at the Southern end of Moreton Island at the township of Karingle. The club house sleeps 14 with all facilities. Like Virginia-Nundah, their club house is only open to members, their families and their guests.

For enquiries phone Merv Bowman on

It is advised that if you have booked a holiday with any club house that you book your barge transport at the same time. Take note of the tide times when arriving on and departing from the Island. Best to travel the beaches half up to half down to low tide. Deflate all tyres to approximately 18Ib. Lock all hubs and engage 4WD once you are on the barge. Cross all small creeks at the waters edge. If you do not know the main creek up near yellow patch, well do not try and cross it! take the inland track. Make sure you know where the green zones are so you know where you can fish. Always adhear to the fisheries legal length requirements.

Remember. Don't destroy what you came to enjoy!

The MiCat from Moreton Island Adventures is the ideal way of getting to and from Moreton Island. Visit their WEBSITE for more details and booking information.


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