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Thursday 13th of February 2020
#66 :   Christmas 2019 Break Up
Author  Meade Murphy

South Queensland Amateur Fishing Club’s Association
(S.Q.A.F.C.A) Inc.
ABN: 92 547 184 431
Meade Murphy – Publicity Officer

February 2020

Christmas 2019 Break Up

Better late than never as the old saying goes!

Redcliffe City Amateur Anglers finally held their Christmas break up trip last weekend, 7th February 2020. This trip was to be held 2 months ago, but due to Moreton Island erupting into a firestorm, due to lack of rain, the trip was cancelled. This time the trip was held in the greatest rain event on Moreton Island since 2015! Some of the 80 members believe if we weren’t a tonne lighter of beer, prawns, food etc. we would have struggled to cross the creeks at low tide Sunday morning 4 hours before the barge was due.

Australia is definitely the land of drought and flooding rains – when it rains, it pours!

This trip was also a special one for the R.C.A.A. to say thank you to the Bulwer Volunteer Fire Fighters. They not only saved our clubhouse, but also the townships of Cowan and Bulwer. These blokes deserve a bravery medal for what they did and as we couldn’t give them that we passed the hat around and raised $1580.00 in a week long raffle amongst ourselves. From the funds raised they purchased a high quality, durable marquee for future sausage sizzles on the island. A big thank you to Bunnings, Rothwell, who also jumped into the community spirit and donated two gas bbq’s. So if you see the volunteer fire fighters out the front of Bulwer, pull up your 4WD and have a snag.

All S.Q.A.F.C.A. clubs would also like to welcome the local Aborigines and thank them for taking back the management of our great island, Moreton. They have told the “old boys” in our club that they will never have to save the townships again as they will perform cold back-burns in winter and reopen the fire access tracks that were shut down to be revegetated by the environmentalists. Better late than never !

Meade Murphy
Publicity Officer

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