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Thursday 25th of March 2021
#75 :   East Coast Black Jewfish Fishery Closed
Author  Meade Murphy

The total allowable commercial catch or TACC of Black Jewfish on the East Coast has been fully fished for this year. Now that the Black Jewfish TACC has been reached, no recreational fishermen can catch and keep this fish and must be released immediately on capture - to give this fish species a better resource sustainability, remove the hook if accessible or cut the line if not.

Any recreational fisherman caught taking Black Jewfish on the East Coast until 01/01/2022 will be in breach of fisheries legislation and penalties will apply. Due to its high risk of black marketing of the fish, I must remind you that any SQAFCA fisherman caught black marketing any fish, prawns etc will be expelled for bringing SQAFCA into disrepute under a revamped constitution.

The SQAFCA Committee has slapped a No Take on pony fish so any member who weighs-in a pony fish will have a 50 point penalty per fish. We have done this because of an explosion of numbers of this fish from Maroochydore to Nerang River. This fish is not an edible fish and we would only be point gathering if we weighed this fish in.

There is now only 20 laser engraved 150mm wide aluminium official SQAFCA measuring sticks left out of the 80 we had custom made. They are $43.00 each and are a must to prevent fanning of the tails on larger fish such as bream, tailor and dart etc on a thin measuring stick. As we no longer fan tails of fish at weigh-in - Don't wait until you get a 50 point penalty before you buy one !

Meade Murphy
Publicity Officer

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